We help Christian couples overcome sexual betrayal and revitalize their marriage.

What most couples facing sexual betrayal
and addiction never discover.

Does your marriage need to overcome sexual betrayal?

Have you experienced or committed infidelity?

Are you or your spouse addicted to sex or pornography?

Welcome to our site.

Read on to discover why we are different than traditional couples counseling, much more effective than a marriage intensive, and provide lasting support for your marriage unlike inpatient treatment.

We are proud and intentional about what makes us different and we want you to understand what you can expect in working with us.

We teach and guide our clients using cutting-edge insights, apply timeless biblical truths, and empower them with the skills that really work in transforming their marriage...and we give the daily and intensive support AND the mindset and knowledge that is needed to take action and experience trust, connection, communication, and intimacy.

This is why clients come to us, and why we receive testimonials like this from Pastor Rustin Rossello.

Our process just works.

And when you're ready:

Watch this complimentary training about the 5 Shifts our clients use to quickly overcome sexual betrayal, save their marriage, and restore intimacy, without having to spend 3 to 5 years in therapy, even if it was headed for divorce.

Welcome to the Great Oaks Collective.

Josh Kalsbeek, Ginny Mosby and the GOC Team

Great Oaks Collective is different.

45 minutes to overcome sexual betrayal

(Watch our training)

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•Learn how to save your marriage even if you think that your wife will divorce you.
•How to restore emotional and sexual intimacy with your wife even if that feels impossible right now. 
•How to do all of this without individual or couples therapy.

We promise it will be some of the most valuable 45 minutes you have ever spent on overcoming your unwanted sexual struggles and saving your marriage.

Our clients experience the benefits

Rebuild trust in their marriage, even if it's shattered.

Understand how you got here.

Learn to communicate.

Leave anxiety, depression, and hopelessness behind.

Navigate the most difficult conversations.

Restore intimacy.

Avoid the pain, loss, and cost of divorce.

Become more calm.

Grow in confidence.

Learn who to tell what, and when.

Pastoral Testimonial

Usually married couples facing infidelity or sex addiction find out the hard way that:

1. Ignoring the problem is NOT the answer.

None of us want to experience pain, so perhaps you try to ignore the problem.

For many it just feels overwhelming and they don't know where to start.

It is a VERY isolating and lonely experience to be facing a broken marriage or a potential divorce and not know who you can turn to.

To put it bluntly: your best thinking got you here. Or your spouse's best thinking. And the tough thing is that you don't know what you don't know. What if you have a blindspot that you're not aware of?

I say this with kindness and respect, but if you could figure it out on your own, you probably wouldn't be reading this.

Ask yourself, is the health of your marriage something you want to gamble with and avoid getting help around?

You go to the doctor when you get sick, why wouldn't you get help when your marriage is sick?

2. Traditional Couples Counseling alone may NOT address the unique needs of early recovery.

The team at Great Oaks Collective specializes in helping couples through the early stages of recovery.

What's more, we help both the individual needs, as well as the needs of the relationship. With traditional couples counseling, there may simply not be enough time to address the complexity of the crisis you are in.

The benefit of doing a couples intensive is that you get more support than a weekly couples session can provide.

Our team works together to provide you connected, integrated care, so you and your partner are getting unified care.

When in crisis, you likely have a thousand questions. We have a rich library of resources to help answer your questions, and groups, individual sessions, and couples sessions to customize your support.

We know about the difficulties of couples counseling, we've been helping couples for a combined 3 decades as couples therapists. Our insight into the unique challenges you are facing are what led us to create the Overcome Program.

We didn't see the kind of help that people need available so we decided to create our own program of integrated care that focuses on helping you overcome your greatest marital challenges.

3. A recovery group is good but usually NOT enough.

This could be a 12 Step group such as SA or SAA, or a faith-based recovery group such Celebrate Recovery.

It's understandable why people might try this approach. They are typically free, and sometimes offered by their church. They can actually help.

However, many people we talk to find surprising challenges with recovery groups. Here are just a few.

1. It is difficult to identify the right group for you. There are many different types of groups. Here are a few: SA, SAA, AA, Al-Anon, SAA-PP, CR, Pure Desire, Samson Society, CODA, SLAA. Each group has it's own culture, it's own perspectives (often conflicting with other groups), and it's own process. It can be quite difficult and be an arduos process to identify which group will work for each partner.

2. Recovery groups are often being led by unqualified people who haven't experienced deep transformation themselves...they can be currently still struggling and stuck themselves while trying to actually LEAD others!

While noble and I'm sure they have great intentions and it may be better than nothing, a well-meaning heart doesn't mean they actually have the skills and wisdom to help.

3. Recovery groups can be overly rigid. Let's say the leader actually has experienced healing in their own life. Many of these 'sponsors' or 'lay leaders' in these groups learn what worked for them and then rubber stamp this as a solution for everyone else.

But each individual and each marriage is unique. There are general principles to help people overcome their struggles, but deep transformation is not a one-sized-fits-all process.

If you disagree or differ in an area that they hold dear, then sadly you can be shunned, disrespected, or kicked out of the group...the exact opposite of what a transformational community should do.

4. Typically only one partner finds support in a recovery group, not both. The most common scenario is that the husband eventually finds a helpful recovery group, but the wife doesn't. The lack of mutual support presents a real challenge in both in integrated, connected, timely support for both the husband and wife.

5. It can be chaotic, confusing, and slow to find helpful mentoring. Our experience in seeing many different types of recovery groups personally and via our clients' experience is that it typically takes months for people to find a good, qualified, helpful sponsor or leader who can actually help and is committed and involved. Do you have that kind of time when your life and your marriage needs help now?

6. Most recovery groups are linear, 'packaged' processes. They follow a book or a workbook in a structured way because they are designed to provide general support to the masses. This can of course work, but as a linear process, what if you need help in week 3 of your journey but it isn't covered until week 18 or week 38 in the workbook or the process?

We still recommend local recovery groups when they make sense, but we have seen that couples do best when they have integrated care that is in addition to a recovery group and can help the couple navigate the process of identifying and choosing the right group for them.

You deserve the best support you can find.

Don't let your marriage experience further devastation.

Be honest – is what you are trying working?

Do you find you are unable to talk about what matters most?

Even if you have tried over and over, be honest with yourself, is what you have tried, actually working?

Or does it lead to more anger, conflict, and shutting down?

Does trying to talk about things actually make things worse?

Or are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of even talking about this struggle? Are you having the conversation in your head but actually have no clue how to talk to your spouse?

Learn from Christian experts in saving marriage, rebuilding trust, and restoring intimacy

The Great Oaks Collective team and the Overcome 10-Week Program is a powerful, transformational program that puts you in a powerful coaching relationship with our select experts.

Through video modules, live mentoring calls, and expert training tools, you'll get clarity in your marriage and overcome your greatest struggles. Our Program leverages the best in psychology to help you courageously start, deeply engage, and experience transformation.

About the Team

Josh Kalsbeek picture
Josh Kalsbeek, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Recovery Coach, Couples Coach
Addiction Studies Certificate, Western Seminary
Previously: Co-Founder and CPO at rTribe
Ginny Mosby picture
Ginny Mosby, LMFT
Clinical Director
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Recovery Coach, Couples Coach
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist – Supervisor (CSAT-S)
Certified Partner Trauma Therapist
Level II EMDR trained clinician
Previously: Co-Founder and Director at Sexual Recovery Program

Overcome: 10-Week Virtual Intensive Couples Program

Here's what you get in Overcome

Expert training - Learn from experts whose life mission is to support you. Don't entrust your marriage to a generalist, or a person who isn't an expert and exclusively focused on working with couples. We have a combined 35 years of helping people overcome sexual betrayal and their greatest marital struggles.

Faith-based Care - The last thing you want is to be given secular advice that actually hurts your marriage, and isn't grounded in solid biblical truth.

Proven Process - We have seen hundreds of couples experience growth and success in accomplishing their goals. We base our process in the best of research, neuropsychology, personal experience and hard-earned wisdom, and the timeless truths of Scripture.

Intensive Coaching - We keep our program small and focused to provide the most intensive support possible to meet your needs. We will help you understand how you got to the painful crisis you are in and help you overcome the greatest threats to your marriage.

Daily Support - Most counseling is a once-a-week process, leaving you without support for 167 hours in a week. When the house is on fire in your marriage, sometimes you need intensive, daily support and we will guide you every step of the way.

Weekly Live Groups - Learn from others both further along and right where you are. Many clients find that their friends just don't understand what they are going through and they are desperate to find people who 'get it'. Yet, it can be confusing to talk to friends.  Wives, even though they've been betrayed, even in their pain and anger, usually don't want to cause further damage to their husbands' reputations. Experiencing support from a confidential group of people will empowers you to be courageously honest and get the help you need.

Transformational Community - Develop life-long connection with people you will come to deeply trust.

Resource Library - We equip you with 24/7 access to effective and powerful resources and tools to help you learn and put your learning to work. It can be so easy to get overwhelmed and not take the needed steps to experience deep change. Our program will help you stay engaged and keep you moving through the process.

Personalized Care - We will give you personalized attention and care. Some people come to us wanting answers, asking us what they should do with their marriage: wives want to know if they should leave their husband, husbands want to know how to change their wife. We will empower you to navigate the crisis.

Lifetime Access - Once you join Overcome you will always be a part of our courageous family and you will always have access to our video and program resources, and to our community.

“The LORD will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.” Isaiah 58:11

Overcome: 10-Week Virtual Intensive Couples Program

Get the help you need, as fast as possible

Talk to us

Let's talk within the next 2-3 business days to see if we are a good fit to work together.

What Clients are Saying

"Josh saved my marriage."


"You have no idea how much you helped us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I don't have the words to express my appreciation."


"Josh was like an angel. He saved my life."


"I tried other therapists. Josh gave me powerful new language for my life and helpful ways of seeing myself so I could live in a new way."


"Josh has helped me get through some hard times in life. He's helped me see patterns in my life that have gotten me into bad situations and supported me in making changes and breaking bad habits. He's always caring, supportive, yet not afraid of some gentle confrontation."


"Josh has brought calm and sense to a situation that I truly felt was out of control. I have gained tools to lead the life I have always wished for and my marriage that looked like it was ending is actually growing again with a closeness that we have never had."


"My life would be awful if God didn't lead me to Josh's practice...I am no longer a slave to my lustful thoughts, I am more grounded, confident, have a direction and purpose, and my relationship with the Lord has improved as a result."


"I really appreciate his ability to identify the most pressing issues of my sharing with him. He helps me focus on how to find ways to pursue what I truly desire and has a good balance of listening and providing insights."


"What I want others to know is that you matter. That's what's true and you need to know that. Josh helped me believe and live it out."


"His care and listening abilities are as real and authentic as it gets. God bless you!"


"I found him to be knowledgeable, professional, kind, adept, competent, compassionate, ethical, well-reasoned, experienced, and practicing an approach that comes with a gentleness to temper just the right amount of pushing. A perfect balance to help those willing to do the work."


"You have been God's hand and trusted guide. Thank you for your wisdom."


"Josh is very professional, empathetic and caring. He is challenging and helpful. He has the experience to help his clients and is brutally honest. I trust him."

~Dr. Alan


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